7 Preventive Screenings We Should Never Skip
I don’t visit my medical provider only when I’m sick. My healthcare provider prefers me to keep routine visits, and so do I.  Remember what Ben Franklin said, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”  In fact, there are 7 preventive screenings we should never skip to maintain great health.

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Never Skip These 7 Preventive Screenings:
1.  Blood Pressure
2.  Breast Cancer
3.  Cervical Cancer (Pap Smear)
4.  Cholesterol
5.Colorectal Cancer
6. Diabetes
7.  Lung Cancer

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We can’t control our DNA, but we can modify our lifestyles.

 As a pharmaceutical sales representative, I represent two different products that tie directly into patient lifestyle choices.  As I mentioned, we can’t control our genes. But how we choose to live each day can play a role in long-term illnesses. If you don’t make the right choices every day, there are long-term consequences.

NeverSkip These 7 Preventive Screenings

The risks we can change:
1.  Diet – Reduce red and processed meat consumption
2.  Food Preparation – Cooking foods at very high heat can create chemicals that increase the risk of Colorectal Cancer
3.  Exercise Levels – regular daily regiment
4. Your Weight – maintain health level for your height
5.  Smoking Habits – quit smoking; you ever see a smoker’s lung?
6.  Alcohol Consumption – drink alcohol in moderation

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85% of all diseases start with the lifestyle the other 15% is genetics. Changing our approach is the key to enhancing and maintaining overall health.

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Don’t put off preventive screening due to the on-going pandemic. Get back on track by scheduling all your preventive screenings today.

As always, thank you for reading; stay safe by wearing your mask and social distancing.

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