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Birken Basket; Jane Birken Basket; Fishing Basket
Who knew carrying a fishing basket could be so chic?  The answer is Jane Birkin, the British actress and singer.  You know the mademoiselle of the ’70s with that certain je nais sais quoi.  Her last name inspired the eponymous Hermès Birken.

Birkin Basket; Jane Birkin Basket; Jane Birkin Fishing Basket
I get it, Jane.  It makes sense to tote a functional bag to carry all our many necessities.  Not a plastic bag, not a stenciled tote, no high-end investment needed, just a handmade, practical Portuguese basket.  This basket is too chic for transporting Toto and not your average picnic basket.

Are Chic and Sustainable Mutually Exclusive; Laura Tanzer

Are chic and sustainable mutually exclusive?  Recently, award-winning designer Laura Tanzer emailed me to see if I was interested in selecting one item to share on my blog.  Laura is known for her modern and sustainable fashions. This blogger’s dream is to experience custom eco-friendly clothing.   How did the environmental movement evolve to include sustainable fashion? Well, let’s […]

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