Here are all of my posts featuring health-related topics with tips for aging gracefully beyond the age of 50.

Do you Know the Health of your Heart? INC International Concepts Red Coat; ASOS Top with Oversized Sleeve in Cutout Stripe; Sol Sana Alicia Polka Dot Snake Print Leather White Bootie
I’m asking another question in today’s blog post: Do you know the health of your heart?  I know I can be annoying being so curious but I find asking questions is a great way to educate myself and others (if they’re interested).

Do You Know the Health of Your Heart; INC Ponte Red Coat With Bell Sleeves; White Booties, ASOS Oversized Sleeve Top (more…)

Birabiro Red Felt Necklace; Jeffrey Campbell Red Plaid Siren Booties; Join Us Wear Red Day

I rounded up a bevy of beauties to draw awareness to an annual life-saving health awareness alert: heart disease in women who I’ve asked to join me in participating in National Wear Red Day on Friday, February 2.  You can join in on the fun, too! All you have to do to join us is upload […]

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Asos Polka Dot Dress with Pep Hem; Fashion Over 50

Fashion and cigarettes go way back.  Perhaps as an act of defiance or as a sophisticated style statement?  Unless you’re wearing a smoking jacket or cigarette pants, smoking is not a chic fashion accessory. In 1908, New York City passed a municipal law banning women from smoking in public places.  Apparently, only ladies with loose morals […]

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BioIdentical HormonesSara Pacini Wide Leg Black Pants

Hot flashes, sleepless nights, weight gain, fatigue, brain fog, skin issues and a plummeting sex drive.  If over the age of 40, you may be familiar with some or all of these symptoms of menopause. Are you a woman of a certain age who is looking to regain of a certain quality of life? Yes? […]

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