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Here are all of my posts featuring my personal outfits and looks, plus style tips, and iconic women to inspire women over the age of 50 to be their most stylish self.

How to Get What You Want at the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

BY: Eugenia PUBLISHED ON: Tuesday, July 18, 2017 IN: Fashion

#NSale; Nordstrom Anniversary Sale
Many brick and mortar stores are currently facing challenges to keep their business alive and growing. In the first six months of this year, retailers announced plans to close more than 5,300 stores. However, the Seattle-based department store Nordstrom doesn’t seem to have that problem. It’s the retailer’s biggest, most important sale of the year: the anniversary sale. This post dedicated to how to get what you want at the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale.

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale; NSale

Location: Maggiano’s King of Prussia. Wearing: J. Crew striped bodysuit similar here, Target Style Who What Wear Collection Ruffle Skirt, DSW Sam Edleman Synthia Block Heel Sandal, Esty La Petite Sardine Maria Lisboa Medium Jane Birken Style Basket.

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Style Secrets Revealed With Award-Winning Stylist Toi Sweeney

BY: Eugenia PUBLISHED ON: Thursday, July 6, 2017 IN: Fashion

Toi Sweeney; Brand Image Stylist; Award-Winning Stylist
Are you interested in taking your brand to the next level?  If so, today I will give you tips for upping your style courtesy of award-winning stylist Toi Sweeney and her first e-book, Secrets Of A Well Dressed Brand.  

Toi Sweeney; Brand Image Stylist

I learned the concept of personal branding was introduced twenty years ago by Tom Peters, an American writer who specialized in covering business practices.  One of Tom’s quote that comes to mind and is very apropos is: “We are the CEOs of our own companies. Me, Inc. To be in business today, our most important job is to be head marketer of the brand called you.”
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The Jon James Agency for Chico’s Fall Campaign Said No!

BY: Eugenia PUBLISHED ON: Monday, June 5, 2017 IN: Fashion

Anybody remember my buzz and excitement about going to the casting agency in New York City in April?  That occasion conjured up memories of my experience in a 2010 Estroven print advertisement.  It also brought dreams of stylists, makeup artists and what will I wear in the fall campaign to the forefront.  Screech, stop, and hold on, why? The Jon James Agency for Chico’s fall campaign said no. 
Kate Spade Sequin fringe swing dress; Jon James Agency

Let’s rewind to properly set the stage for where this post is going. The goal of the February 19th launch of the Fierce 50 Group, to get the attention of advertisers, retailers and agencies that women over the age of 50 are still vital, beautiful and relevant in the fashion industry.  Mission accomplished!

Kate Spade Sequin Fringe Swing Dress

Chico’s came calling to this group of bloggers over the age of 50 across the United States. Many of the West Coast ladies participated in a Chico’s Girlfriend video while others held styling sessions at their respective Chico’s stores.  I was even invited to team with the magazine, Real Simple, for a styling event at the New York City Chico’s.  Unfortunately, I already had plans to travel with my husband to Pittsburgh.

Kate Spade Sequin Fringe Swing Dress

The Jon James Agency for Chico’s Fall Campaign, Said, No! Wearing: Kate Spade Black Sequin Fringe Swing Dress, Kate Spade “Licorice Too” Patent Leather Coral Heels similar here in coral red, Kate Spade Suede Evening Pouch, and last summer’s J.Crew Gold Tassel earrings similar here.

I must say regarding my participation in the Fierce 50 Campaign; I serve on the Fierce 50 planning committee. I’m thankful for the friendships and associations with other bloggers of a certain age.  Here is where you learn about anyone getting the opportunities: By the time I received my email from Jon James,  I already knew, the answer was… no.  Because of the buzz from the ones selected.

2010 Estroven Ad

I’m not disappointed for not being chosen by Chico’s.  I was incredibly flattered to get the email inviting me to Manhattan.  As you may recall, I had three minutes to answer questions about myself as well as exhibit my personality. The Estroven 2010 selection process was much easier since I used their product and just answered a few questions.  And social media followers didn’t play into the equation.

The Jon James Agency did provide me with the list of questions beforehand. So I wasn’t blindsided.  My daughter even prayed with me before I went behind the private curtain for my photo’s and presentation of myself.

Was I clueless or just delirious to think I could be in a national campaign? Was it my participation in the first Fierce 50 campaign that got me attention from Chico’s?  Or perhaps the growing interest in using real women to represent major clothing lines?  

Chico's; Jon James Agency

The Jon James Agency for Chico’s Fall Campaign, Said, No! Me writing down my social media numbers at the Jon James Agency in New York City.

I typically get anxious when asked about my social media numbers. That was the dead giveaway for my non-selection. No significant return on investment when one has less than 2000 followers on any of the social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and your blog.

It’s good to talk about and understand rejection. It’s life.  We don’t always get what we want when we want it.  I do believe other options will come my way. My blog is a great gift, especially readers like you who take interest in my adventures. 

If I’ve never thanked you before, thank you for staying with me on this blogging journey.  I appreciate you.

Have fabulous, stylish, and healthy week.  

P.S. I still @lovechicos!


I Attended an Annual Hershey Soirée for an Evening of High Style

BY: Eugenia PUBLISHED ON: Wednesday, May 31, 2017 IN: Fashion Lifestyle


Teri Jon Gown' Formal Affair

The Memorial Day weekend marks when our annual Hershey soirée takes place for an evening of high style. This year, Club 21, a private organization for African-American men, celebrates their journey of success in the Harrisburg area for seven decades.

Teri Jon; Evening of High Style; Soirée
Just like we don’t want to overlook the significance of Memorial Day as just a holiday to have a day off from work to go to barbecues, Club Twenty-One’s yearly event also has deep meaning.  It’s not just a party but roots steeped in history and accomplishments. 
Teri Jon; Evening of High Style; White Dinner Jacket; Soirée
The only time club history shared with introductions before the evening events commence. There are formal introductions and a short bio of each of the twenty-one members. As well as entertainment line-up for the night.
High Style; Teri Jon; White Dinner Jacket; SoiréeThe Club, founded as a social club in 1946. Also, it can point with pride to some significant accomplishments that grew out of the earnest desire of the club’s founders to assert themselves and to use their full range of talents for the betterment of the community.

DInner Setting; Tablescape; 2017 Club 21 Dinner Dance

I Attended an Annual Hershey Soirée for An Evening of High Style. The 2017 Club Twenty-One Tablescape with my gift bags for our guests.  The dinner entree included salmon, prime rib, and chicken.

It’s also worth noting that the members of the Club Twenty-One, credited with taking instrumental roles in re-activating the local chapter of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) in 1947.  In helping to memorialize the name and legacy of the outstanding Harrisburg educator, Dr. William Howard Day, and in breaking down the bars of segregation in places of public accommodations in the Harrisburg area.

Formal Attire; High Style; Teri Jon Dresses; Soirée

I Attended an Annual Hershey Soirée for An Evening of High Style. The 2017 Club 21 Dinner Dance at the Hershey Lodge, the group photo of some of the Club 21 men in their white tuxedo dinner jackets.

The club’s first formal dinner dance held on the evening of Friday, November 22, 1946.  That event and similar ones in the many intervening years have been black tie dinner dances for members, their wives, family, and friends. 

I Attended an Annual Hershey Soirée for an Evening of High Style. The lovely ladies, our guests at the 2017 Club Twenty-One Dinner Dance.

The Club Twenty-One continues to maintain its original purpose of providing a social outlet for men of color, who, at the time of its inception, were barred from hotels and other places open to the public.

Formal Attire; Fashion Over 50; Teri Jon Dresses; High Style; Soirée

I Attended an Annual Hershey Soirée for An Evening of High Style. My #BFF and I at the 2017 Club Twenty-One Dinner Dance in Hershey.

Art Sherrod; 2016 Club Twenty-One; Smooth Jazz

I Attended an Annual Hershey Soirée for An Evening of High Style. 2016 Club Twenty-One with an encore performance by Saxophonist, Art Sherrod, Jr.

Line Dancing; The Wobble; Formal Attire; High Style; Soirée

I Attended an Annual Hershey Soirée for An Evening of High Style. Photo at 2017 Club Twenty-One Dinner Dance at Hershey Lodge.

Formal Attire; Dinner Dancing; Soirée

I Attended an Annual Hershey Soirée for An Evening of High Style.  The Harold’s Tony and Edna on the dance floor.

Formal Attire; Black Love; Wedding Anniversary; Soirée

I Attended an Annual Hershey Soirée for An Evening of High Style. April and Hubby celebrated their 11th wedding anniversary with our group at the 2017 Club Twenty-One Dinner Dance.

Family; Formal Attire; High Style; Soirée

I Attended an Annual Hershey Soirée for An Evening of High Style. My niece, Kenya Pickles and I and 2017 Club Twenty-One.

This year’s dinner dance special commemoration of seventy years with the club members donning white dinner jackets with tuxedo pants. It seems the white dinner jacket adopted in the 1930s for warm-weather formal in Palm Springs.  We sometimes forget men do have a few options when it comes to black tie attire.

2004 Club Twenty-One; Hershey Soirée

I Attended an Annual Hershey Soirée for An Evening of High Style. 1994 Club Twenty-One photo.

My husband, an attorney, received his invitation to join the social club in 1993.  We attended our first dinner dance in 1994. Can you find me in the photo above?

Over the last twenty-three years, I adopted a more formal/black tie attire. What’s proper to wear? And most importantly, what works best for my body type? 

In that time, I developed an appreciation for the long gown. It fits in with the elegance of the evening.  I like that I now have a wardrobe of fancy dresses to choose from, I do rotate them as we go to many black tie events every year. 

Note, in my short ↑ video above; there are at least two cocktail dresses.  I used to prefer cocktail dresses and suits because I can get more wear out of them.

Teri Jon Gown; 2017 Club Twenty-One

I Attended an Annual Hershey Soirée for An Evening of High Style. The young and thin model wearing the Teri Gown gown I chose to wear.

One thing I noticed is very few retailers cater to women over the age of 50.  Have you ever seen the companies whose primary focus are women over the age of 50 but still utilize young and thin models to show their clothes online?

Teri Jon is my go-to designer for any cocktail attire.  Every piece I’ve purchased is well-made,  usually of natural fibers with incredible details. Teri Jon has great options for mother-of-the-bride, matron of honor, cocktail and daytime dresses and of course, evening gowns. On their website, you can shop by occasion with plus size available too.

How was your Memorial Day Weekend? Do you have any family traditions? Please do share in the comments below. 

Have a fabulous, healthy, and stylish week.

Are Chic and Sustainable Mutually Exclusive?

BY: Eugenia PUBLISHED ON: Monday, May 8, 2017 IN: Fashion

Are Chic and Sustainable Mutually Exclusive; Laura Tanzer
Are chic and sustainable mutually exclusive?  Recently, award-winning designer Laura Tanzer emailed me to see if I was interested in selecting one item to share on my blog.  Laura is known for her modern and sustainable fashions. This blogger’s dream is to experience custom eco-friendly clothing.  

Are Chic and Sustainable Mutually Exclusive? Laura Tanzer

How did the environmental movement evolve to include sustainable fashion? Well, let’s start the conversation start with Earth Day. It’s an annual event that happens every April 22 since 1970. Next, eight months after the holiday was created, Congress authorized the creation of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. 

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Our VIP Preview at Burberry

BY: Eugenia PUBLISHED ON: Wednesday, April 26, 2017 IN: Fashion

Our Private Preview at Burberry
April turned out to be fantastic.  First, there was another adventure to Washington, D.C. for a second visit to the National Museum of African American History and Culture. This time, the NMAAHC tour included coordinating thirteen family and friends who came from New York, Maryland, and Philadelphia. And I can’t forget my amazing experience at the Chico’s casting call in New York City. But the pièce de résistance this month was our VIP preview at Burberry.

Our Private Preview at Burberry.

Our VIP Preview at Burberry. The Burberry Store at the King of Prussia Mall.

I say “our” because my BFF and I were invited to attend a private showing of Burberry’s Spring 2017 line inside its store at the King of Prussia mall. 

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My Chico’s Casting Call in New York City

BY: Eugenia PUBLISHED ON: Thursday, April 20, 2017 IN: Fashion

My Chico's Casting Call in New York City
As a woman of a certain age, opportunities to highlight who you are and what you look can be hard to come by.  However, (I think) because of my involvement in The Fierce 50 Campaign, I received an invitation to participate in a casting for a possible spot Chico’s 2017 fall campaign. I drove to New York City with my daughter on Monday afternoon to get ready for the casting on Tuesday. 


My Chico’s Casting Call in New York City.  My Chico’s GirlFriends bracelet I received.

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Is Boxed Water Better?

BY: Eugenia PUBLISHED ON: Monday, April 10, 2017 IN: Fashion Health

Is Boxed Water Better?
I’m just going to admit it here and now. I’m a water snob. I ask the question, is boxed water better?  And to that, I say yes.  But before I go on reveal why and how, let’s look at the importance of water consumption as a needed nutrient for our bodies.

Is Boxed Water Better?

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