Eugenia-Hargrove-Age-of-GraceBut by the grace of God, I am… what I am…”

Hi there! My name is Eugenia and I write the Age of Grace, a blog about aging gracefully. I live in Pennslyvania, have a background in pharmaceutical sales, and have been married for 32 years. I love fashion, black-and-white movies, and museums — all of which have made it onto the blog at some point or another! 


Thank you for visiting The Age of Grace. On this website, I write about the following topics:

  • Anti-aging routines and tips
  • Fitness and exercise
  • Health awareness as it pertains to women’s health (like warding off diseases that plague us as we age)
  • Fashion for the 50 and over crowd

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God’s grace is all around us—it’s in the little things. I want to share those little things with you, here, on this blog.