Hearing Loss; Can You Hear Me Now?

When I think of the saying ‘Can you hear me now?’ it reminds me of the tagline for phone company Verizon Wireless’ TV advertisements.

Did you notice in last week’s post, where I wrote about the health checklist we should use as women, I didn’t mention anything about annual ear exam? That doesn’t mean I forgot about it. We get our eyes tested annually, and our teeth cleaned bi-annually, and yes, you also should get your hearing tested. The only time I recall anyone being concerned about anyone’s ability to hear is when my children were infants, or if they had an ear infection.  

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So why is it that only as we get closer to (Social Security) age, when we are able to receive retirement, disability, and survivors’ benefits — which for the record is 65 years old — that there is suddenly all of this attention to the fact that as you get older, you may have problems hearing? Is it perhaps because certain medications can cause a ringing in your ears? But what about the time in between infancy and retirement? We know as we age many organs and body functions decline.  It looks like the same can be said of your ears. 

Hearing Loss;
Can You Hear Me Now? Better Hearing Infographics, image credit: HearingLoss.com

According to my findings, hearing loss can be sudden or gradual, occurring over a period of days, weeks, or years. Infection, trauma to the ear, changes in atmospheric pressure, certain medications, birth complications, and even earwax buildup can be the culprit.  Aging is a major factor in the loss of the ability to hear the full range of frequencies in everyday communication.

Hearing Fascinating Facts
Can You Hear Me Now? Fascinating Fun Facts About Ears and Hearing. Image Credit: UK Hearing Care

Don’t fret. There is an easy test that you can do at home to test your hearing. All you have to do is rub your thumb and index finger together a few inches from your ear.  If you can hear a scratching sound, your hearing is probably intact.  Of course, family members and friends have probably hinted if you need to get your hearing tested, especially if you’re frequently responding to someone talking to you with ‘what?’ or ‘Huh?’ The hearing aid company Beltone offers a free online hearing test. If you still aren’t sure, you can find additional resources at Hearing Loss Association of America.
According to SoundCare, we can thank the cranked-up volume of modern life, hearing loss is becoming a major health concern.  It’s striking people younger than ever before, and the problem is expected to grow. If you think you’re suffering from hearing loss or at risk, any medical provider can refer you to an audiologist for an evaluation.  So, with all the cranked-up activity in life, I do hope you can hear me now and will get your hearing tested.

Thank you for reading. Have a fabulous healthy, and stylish week.