Tulle Skirts; Still Chic;
Boy, do I have a question about fashion and appropriateness question for you!  Are tulle skirts still chic?  Am I too mature to rock tulle?  Can a woman of a certain age pull off the look of tulle (especially if she’s not a millennial)? Let’s be honest here.

Tulle Skirts; Tulle Skirts Still Chic?

Wearing: J. Crew Denim Jacket, Haute Monde Tulle Skirt from Ross similar here, J. Crew Rattan Clutch similar here in pink, Sam Edelman Synthia Block Heel Sandal and Kiwi and Elle Triple CrownThread Ball earrings in White.
Tulle Skirt: Tutu
Are Tulle Skirts Still Chic? 1832 photo of Marie Taglioni wearing a Romantic tutu.

My earliest recollection of tulle goes back to a tutu costume from my childhood ballet classes. Upon further inspection, the tulle tutu first appeared in 1832 at the Paris Opera, where Marie Taglioni wore a gauzy white skirt cut to reveal her ankles.  According to my Google search, from the late 19th century onwards, the tutu, steadily shortened in length, for ease of movement and to show off the dancer’s legs, culminating in the very short classical tutu which leaves the whole leg free.

Tulle Skirt; Tutu
Are Tulle Skirts Still Chic?
Glamour Magazine photo of Jessica Alba wearing Pink Tulle Midi skirt.

When I started to Instagram back in January 2012, I would say the number one trending style were tulle skirts (both long and short). Everyone wanted a photo wearing a tulle tutu. I don’t usually feature much younger women here on The Age of Grace.  However, the way Jessica Alba styled her delicate tulle is my inspiration here.

The tulle tutu that I’m wearing is courtesy of my best friend, Cynthia.  I planned a photo shoot for her birthday back in June.  We thought it would be fun to style our tutu’s for the photography session. 

Teri Jon Gown' Formal Affair
The is one thing I learned earlier this year at my annual soiree when I wore a ball gown layered underneath with tulle: It is hot and traps in heat.  Surely not the best option since I still get hot flashes. Cynthia and I opted to delay the photo shoot until the temperatures cool down.

I did a Google search on tulle skirts.  ASOS has a tremendous selection in every size and color, short and midi lengths. J. Crew still has tulle ball skirts in navy and pink and blue.  My fave store Nordstrom has a small selection too.  Etsy always offers whatever you can’t find, someone is selling it or making it.

It’s time to answer the questions posed to you earlier.  First of all, are tulle skirts passé? What about age-appropriateness?  Too young?  Let me know. While you’re making those comments,  how do you like the refreshed look on the blog?

Thank you for reading. Have a fabulous and stylish week.