My Chico’s Casting Call in New York City

BY: Eugenia PUBLISHED ON: Thursday, April 20, 2017 IN: Fashion

My Chico's Casting Call in New York City
As a woman of a certain age, opportunities to highlight who you are and what you look can be hard to come by.  However, (I think) because of my involvement in The Fierce 50 Campaign, I received an invitation to participate in a casting for a possible spot Chico’s 2017 fall campaign. I drove to New York City with my daughter on Monday afternoon to get ready for the casting on Tuesday. 


My Chico’s Casting Call in New York City.  My Chico’s GirlFriends bracelet I received.

The Fierce 50 campaign spoke to Chico’s commitment to women and the retailer partnered with us to donate a #lovechicos “Girlfriend” bracelet to each of us.  The faux turquoise power bead bracelet celebrates women and the friendships cemented on February 19th, the day the campaign debuted. It is meant to convey inspiration. 


My Chico’s Casting Call in New York City. Fierce 50 Ladies in Chico’s Promo Ad with their Girlfriend bracelets. Fierce 50 members;  Fitness Guru, Actress, and Blogger –Kathy Kaehler, The Middle Page Blog – Catherine Williamson, More Than Turquoise Blogger – Jamie Lewinger, Fierce 50 Founder – Catherine O’Donnell Grace, Chic Over 50 – Shauna Roberston, Fabulous After 40 – Deborah Boland, and So What to Twenty, Author and Blogger – Glenda Harrison.  Image credit from Chic Over 50 Shauna Roberston.

Two weeks ago, I got an email from the Jon James Casting Agency in New York City, asking if I wanted to participate in a casting for Chico’s fall campaign. Of course, I did! So I rearranged my schedule and decided I’d head to Chelsea. While there was an option to submit a short video answering a few short questions, I opted to attend the casting call in person. 

My Chico’s Casting Call in New York City. My casual, relaxed Chico’s purchase for New York City.

After I decided to go to the casting in person, I had to figure out what to wear. Obviously, it made the most sense to head to Chico’s where I found a pair of casual, comfortable, and chic Zenergy striped pants (they come in both regular *and* petite).  I paired the pants with Travelers criss-cross classic top in black. I liked the hippie vibe of the stripe wide-leg effect with split hem.

Since 1983, Chico’s fashions have appealed to seasoned women who still want to look stylish and chic. Hats off to Chico’s founders, Helen and Marvin Gralnick for building such a timeless brand and keeping it alive for over 30 years.

My Chico's Casting Call in New York City; Jon James Casting Agency

My Chico’s Casting Call in New York City. Location: at the Jon James Casting Studio in New York City, Me completing paperwork about my social media followers. Wearing Chico’s Zenergy Striped Pant with Chico’s Traveler’s  Classic Criss-Cross  Back Black Top with Boden animal print t-strap heels similar here.

Tuesday was the big day of the casting call. I arrived mid-afternoon. After the receptionist greeted me, she gave me a sheet of paper to complete, asking me to detail my social media followers on each platform.  As I wrote my answers, I could hear a woman behind the curtain speaking to the camera. Apparently, she’s an architect and former Dior model. 

My Chico’s Casting Call in New York City. The curtain separating the reception area at the Jon James Casting Studio in New York City.

In the photo above, you’ll see the closed curtain I sat behind as I chatted with the casting director, Jon James, on camera.  James took many photos and recorded my as I answered the questions provided in three minutes. Questions like describe your style, your personality, etc. And just like that, it was over.  My daughter came with me to the casting. She sat outside the curtain listening and said I sounded intelligent and not nervous.  

To celebrate my bravery, we had lunch at Cafeteria, a cute restaurant with really good burgers and rosé. After that, we walked through Barneys’ new downtown flagship store, on the same block its first discount men’s suit shop opened in 1923. 

My Chico’s Casting Call in New York City. The relaxed atmosphere at the Jon James Casting Studio, the owner’s Lab.

The ambiance of the studio was relaxed as you can see with the proprietor’s dog stretched out on the floor.   The reception room impressive, an eclectic combination of art to make one’s visit carefree.

My Chico's Casting Call in New York City

My Chico’s Casting Call in New York City.  Custom Fashion Illustration by Beth Briggs.

The last day to submit videos or live presentation, Thursday, April 20.  Stay tuned to see what unfolds with Chico’s fall campaign.

Have a stylish, fabulous and fierce week.



  • Jodie Filogomo

    That’s so fabulous you got to go in person, Eugenia!!!
    I’m rooting for you!!

    • Jodie,
      Hi! The one fortunate thing about living in Central Pennsylvania is that I’m less than 2-3 hours away from most major cities on the East Coast. We can believe for the best with the Chico’s casting calls whether video or in-person. Thanks for your support, Jodie.

  • Fabulous! Hope to see you on a billboard for Chicos or in the stores.

    • Neti,
      Hi! Welcome to the Age of Grace, thank you for stopping by to comment. It would be great to be featured anyway with Chico’s, stay tuned for whether or not I get chosen to participate in a fall Chico’s campaign.

  • I saw this Photo ON Instagram and was wowed! Congrats for being part of the campaign. I hope to see you when you are in New York soon. Happy spring!

    xx, Elle

    • Elle,
      Hi! Thank you for your comments regarding the Instagram Chico’s photo. It was a fun experience. Yes, I hope we can get together perhaps during the summer or early fall.

  • Paradox Julie

    All the best, Eugenia. This campaign needs you!

    • Julie,
      Thank you so much for your vote of confidence!

  • Good luck Eugenia!!

    • Robin,
      Hi! Thank you, I appreciate your vote of confidence.