Mindful Eating in Contrast to Mindless EatingHow conscious are you about what goes into your mouth? Is your quality of life suffering? Have you started to see the makings of the dreaded midriff bulge? If you answered yes to either question, perhaps, mindful eating in contrast to mindless eating is your challenge. 

I know at times I’m guilty of not being proactive with my food choices especially during times of stress, like when my end of the month (quarter, too!) when sales reports are due. I talked last week about upping my daily water intake which helps limit in-between-meals and snacks.

Mindful Eating in Contrast to Mindless Eating. Location: Milton Hershey School in Hershey, PA. Wearing: 2015 NYDJ Linen and Faux Leather Moto Jacket, 2016 Kate Spade V-Neck Polka Dot Aline Dress similar here, Kate Spade New York “Licorice Too” Navy Suede Heels with Rebecca Minkoff Crackle Leather Leo Envelope Gold Clutch.

As you can see the mindful choices are deliberate — taking the time to sit down at the table, eating slowly, savoring each bite, focusing on the meal and not multi-tasking.  That mindless autopilot behavior contributes to emotional eating, grazing, skipping meals and ignoring hunger cues.

Mindful Eating Versus Mindless Eating. Image credit: VictoriasPlaceOnline.com.AU

When routines are established for eating and exercise, there are fewer chances of gaining weight.  The chart below is a great reminder how mindless eating adds up over time.

Mindless Eating Versus Mindful Eating. How Mindless Eating Adds Up Over Time. Image credit: Pikto Chart.

Once one establishes deliberate and on purpose eating habits, exercise, and social activities, there is less chance for mindless eating.

Mindful Eating Versus Mindless Eating
Mindful Eating Versus Mindless Eating. 10 Things to Do Instead of Eating Out of Boredom. Image credit: Runallyrun.Tumblr.com

The graphic below should help when you do decide to indulge in poor food choices.

Think Before You Eat
Mindful Eating Versus Mindless Eating. Think Before You Eat. Image Credit: Women’s Health.

As I share my health awareness tips, please know that I’m speaking to myself as well. I’m listening to my own voice, too.  How do you control mindless eating?  

Have a healthy, fierce and stylish week.