Is Boxed Water Better?
I’m just going to admit it here and now. I’m a water snob. I ask the question, is boxed water better?  And to that, I say yes.  But before I go on reveal why and how, let’s look at the importance of water consumption as a needed nutrient for our bodies.

Is Boxed Water Better?

We all know the significance of water as a precious nutrient for the essential functions of our body. By essential, I mean water is involved in every function of the body. Water helps transports nutrients and waste products in and out of our cells.  H2O is necessary for all digestive, absorptive, circulatory, and excretory functions, as well as the utilization of the water-soluble vitamins.

Is Boxed Water Better?
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That said, we all know the benefits and importance of drinking water. But for some reason, I just can’t make water part of my routine.  Why can’t I drink the daily minimum amount? 

Is Boxed Water Boxed?
Is Boxed Water Better? H2..Oh Really image credit:[/caption%5D

I’m not looking to make excuses but I believe since I spend 80% of my time driving in my company car, the fact is I don’t have easy access to a bathroom.  My personal challenge, in the last few weeks, I decided to see what difference I feel and see in my body by keeping my body hydrated. I purposed to follow the guide below ↓ on the best time to drink water.

[caption id="attachment_8430" align="aligncenter" width="1250"]Is Boxed Water Better? Is Boxed Water Better? The Best Time to Drink Water. Image Credit: Nestlé Water.

You might recall, I make a batch of Sassy water most weekends.  But here are my results after just two weeks of increasing my water consumption by a minimum amount of 64-ounces:
1.  Weight loss (3-pounds)
2.  The bags under my eyes lessened
3.  Snacking less in between meals
4.  Stomach bloat ↓ reduced
5.  To make it easy to drink the water, I now carry my pink water refillable aluminum bottle with me every day to refill once I’ve consumed the contents.

The only negative thing with staying hydrated is the downtime associated with stopping and locating a clean bathroom.

Is Boxed Water Better?
Is Boxed Water Better? My favorite water, Voss Water in a glass bottle.

Now on to why I’m water snob.  When I do drink water, my preference before carrying my pink aluminum refillable water bottle is purchasing water in a glass bottle, preferably Voss.  I believe I developed a taste for pure water during my first pregnancy.  Where we reside, during those child-bearing years, the water system was overhauled to improve the quality water. It was during this time that my husband insisted I drink and cook with the spring bottled water delivered to our home.

Is Boxed Water Better
Is Boxed Water Better?

I have a thirty-year history of seeking out the best water.  Some of my favorite waters are as I mentioned in glass bottles, but l happened upon a new kid on the block in the water category, boxed water.

According to the Is Boxed Water Better?,  their claims to fame are reasons I agree boxed water tastes better:
1.  Sustainable container, 74% of it is paper made from trees.
2.  Proprietary multi-step purification quality assurance process delivers pure hydration
3.  No melted plastic bottle water taste

The world’s most precious resource is always under the microscope especially in Flint, Michigan but here today and now. I ask, boxed water, is it better?  What say you?

Have a fabulous, fierce and stylish week,