WordCamp in Amish Country

BY: Eugenia PUBLISHED ON: Monday, March 6, 2017 IN: Lifestyle

Location: Harrisburg Capital. Wearing: J. Peterman Velvet Tie Jacket, Kate Spade Sequin Fringe Swing Dress, and my vintage Claudia Cuiti Fabrice Black Nappa Boots with White Piping, a similar pointed-toe boot here.

On my 2017 vision board, I posted specific words and images that would provide visual reminders to me to beef up my knowledge of utilizing WordPress as my blog’s hosting tool. Last Saturday, I checked off that box when I attended WordCamp in Amish Country.

2017 WordCamp Lancaster

WordCamp in Amish Country. Petinfohub.net photo of Amish Buggy.

I make the comparison of WordCamp and the Amish community because both are unassuming. We all know the Amish maintain a primitive lifestyle. They shun the modern conveniences of life like electricity and cars.  Anyone remember the 1985 move, Witness? The film provided us with a chance to peek into the Amish community.

2017 WordCamp Lancaster

WordCamp in Amish Country. 2017 logo for WordCamp in Lancaster County.

On the other hand, WordCamp in Amish Country hosted at an Intermediate Unit School Building in Lancaster.  The class cost $20.00 and provided healthy lunch choices (snacks, too!) for the duration from 9 a.m. to 5:15 p.m for 150 attendees (give or take).

2017 WordCamp Lancaster

WordCamp in Amish Country. 2017 WordCamp Lancaster Notebook and lariat for the badge.

The WordCamp setting low-key.  Nevertheless, the major sponsors allowed the event to be worthwhile. Sponsorships included like Bold Grid, Woo Commerce, JetPack, Blue Host as well as Go Daddy, Redx Wed Design, WPML.org, DreamHost, SiteGround, Paid Membership Pro, SiteLock, and Pantheon.

WordCamp in Amish Country. 2105 WordCamp Philly badge.

I attended my first WordCamp back in 2015 in Philly. It really opened my eyes to the behind of the scenes of utilizing WordPress.org.  I was still wet behind the ears in understanding what I needed to know.

WordCamp in Amish Country. 2017 WordCamp Lancaster, first class, “What You Should Know About the WordPress Rest API As An End User by Speaker, Jason Coleman.

This time around except for the coding sessions, I get it.  Most of the day was devoted to all things WordPress, including the use of Plug-ins, Filters, Rest API, and writing the great website copy to name a few. I made a full day of notetaking but more importantly access to the experts to ask specific questions about my concerns.

2017 WordCamp Lancaster

WordCamp in Amish Country. 2017 WordCamp Lancaster Opening Session.

I ended the day with a one-on-one sit-down with one of the experts critiquing my blog. I shared my Google Blog Scorecard ratings; one area of my concern is the visitor mobile experience with the Age of Grace. Shari Medini from Push Pull Sales made key recommendations of which I plan to implement. Stay tuned for changes!

If you would like to check to see to see if WordCamp provides classes in your area, check out the WordCamp site or view the entire list of sessions offered by the WordCamp in Amish Country.

Have a fabulous, stylish and fierce week.







  • Edwige A.

    What a fabulous look! You look amazing in that ensemble!

    Edwige | http://www.hynozglam.com

    • Edwige A.,
      Greetings! Thank you for your kind words!

  • You look so pretty!

    • Chan,
      So sweet of you to stop by, thank you😍

  • Love your outfit! The white piped boots and jacket especially! I am now using SquareSpace, but would gladly go to a conference that taught how to utilize it better. Good for you to go, and how i would love to visit Amish country!
    xx, Elle

    • Elle,
      Hi! Thanks for stopping by Elle. SquareSpace, I’m not familiar with that platform to blog, but I’m sure they offer some classes to learn more. Amish country, yes, Elle, an interesting place to see plain people shopping and riding in their horse-drawn buggies.
      My Nappa white piped boots; I shopped my closet, they are very old. The velvet jacket, ready to wear something spring but went with velvet, because of cold and wind the day my hubby took this photo.

  • I wanted to get around and thank you for this post. I just changed over to WordPress in January and know that I know hardly anything. I did some investigatiing and found a group in KC and now am on their email list for notificaions for seminars-yea!

    • Terri,
      Hi! I find the WordCamp’s amazing! As I mentioned in the post, the cost to attend the camp, only $20.00 for access to information and experts. I hope you get a chance to attend one of the sessions in KC. Thanks for stopping by The Age of Grace, Terri.