The Fierce 50 Campaign: Eugenia Introduces Valerie

BY: Eugenia PUBLISHED ON: Sunday, February 19, 2017 IN: Fashion Interviews Videos

Today marks the launch of the first annual Fierce 50 Campaign.  As women over 50, we are coming together in a supportive, collaborative community to honor and celebrate one another and to share with the world what it means to be a woman at midlife and beyond. Through this collaboration, each woman has developed a unique bond with their blog partners, opening their hearts and sharing their stories in building authentic connections and relationships, we are forming a community of women who have within them over half a century of life experience and wisdom to share.  We are joining as one to begin shifting a common perception of this demographic.  We are here to show the world how powerful we are together and that we are only actually just starting.

Today, I’m going to introduce you to Valerie. She’s 52-years-old and blogs at Maple Leopard, fashion and travel website she started in Septemeber 2014. Val is married for 29 years and has two adult children.  

Please keep reading to learn more about the Seattle resident. 

What is your profession?  

I am an Elementary Reading Teacher by day and a blogger by night.

Why did you name your blog Maple Leopard?

I was born in Medicine Hat Alberta, near Calgary and raised in Vancouver, the land of maple syrup and maple leaves. Additionally, I’m obsessed with leopard prints and a huge lover of cats.

What is the focus of Maple Leopard?

My blog is about empowering women in midlife to feel confident and beautiful as they age by sharing inspirational fashion content and style tips. I also blog about my other passion, travel. I like to think of my blog’s tagline as “style for all the places you’ll go.”  I share my travel guides and tips as well as outfit guides for many of the cities I visit. 

On your blog’s about page, I noticed that you are a contributing writer to several different sites. How did this come about?

I found some gigs to write online.  My search leads me to Facebook groups and offers collaboration opportunities.  I contributed an article titled, “Savage” to Prolific Quarterly Magazine, a Talent, Entertainment and Lifestyle magazine, published four times a year.  As well as submissions to Wanderlust, and Mag Cloud, a print and digital publication.

I also learned that you received the Dallas Most Valuable Blogger Achievement in December 2014.  Tell me about this award.

I went to a tradeshow in Dallas with my friend that owns a boutique in Milwaukee to buy for her store.  The tradeshow had a contest to post during the show on Instagram.  I won the competition and a $100 gift certificate for best photos.

Is there an active blogger community where you live?  

Yes, they have blogger meet ups in my area and style summits put on by some fashion and agencies in the Seattle area. I’m also involved in the local Bellevue Fashion Week in September; I attend as media/press person covering the shows.

You have such an impressive Instagram following (over 5K!). How were you able to achieve this?

Engaging like crazy, posting often, did a few giveaways, and I am in some comment pods and groups.

How would you describe your style?

My style is a mix of classy, trendy, chic, and edgy.

Val, you’re so talented. You’re a writer, plus you sew.  I love this vintage coat that you sewed inspired by your visit to the Yves St. Laurent exhibit!  How long how have you been sewing?

I’ve been sewing since I was 13 and hoping to design a collection for travel.   

Speaking of travel, what’s your favorite vacation spot?

Oh, definitely Waikiki Beach, Oahu, Hawaii!

We’ve talked a lot about blogging.  Tell me about your family.

Yes, my girl Ashlin Elizabeth is 19 and studying fashion merchandising at Washington State University in Pullman. She is in her 2nd year. I am so proud of her, and she hopes to be a buyer or involved in product development. She wants to intern at Nike in Portland. And hopes to move to LA, and so do the hubs and me! Seattle is too cold and rainy.  My son is 23 and is working as a substitute teacher until he figures things out. He finished his BA in communications and is a big sports guy. He played college ball.

Finally, how you do maintain your figure?

I’m into a very healthy lifestyle. I love the outdoors, hiking, biking, and swimming.

Follow Val on Pinterest, Twitter and her blog, Maple Leopard, where you can read my Fierce 50 feature.

Thank you, Val!  

The Fierce 50 Campaign: Eugenia Introduces Valerie. Beth Briggs Illustrations.

 The beautiful fashion illustrations above are the work of Beth Briggs.

↑Check the above Flipagram video on all the ladies featured in #The Fierce 50 Campaign.

I have to say that one of my best blogging experiences so far has been the association with The Fierce 50 Campaign. It is an excellent opportunity to connect with many more women doing what I’m doing: ageing gracefully. You can’t imagine how amplifying the voices of baby boomers will ultimately make a difference for any older woman. I say watch out world. The best is yet to come. 

I’d also like to take the time to thank and acknowledge the Fierce 50 Campaign sponsors:   Onzie, Madison Reed, HSI Professional, and Awe Inspired for the opportunity for this group to provide giveaways to our followers on my Instagram page.  The giveaway will run fro 48 hours and entries will be accepted until 2/21/17 at 8 pm PST.  The winners will be chosen randomly and announced on 2/22/17.  Please know the giveaway was cancelled for now, sorry.

Before you finish, check out the Thrive Global article on The Fierce 50 Campaign, as well Hannah Storm’s interview. 

And lastly, if you have enjoyed reading this blog post and learning more about The Fierce 50 Campaign, please visit this page to see an archive where you will find each of the women that are participating in The Fierce 50 along with their blog posts.  If you or someone you know is interested in either joining or supporting the movement;  you have two options, first, Join the Facebook page, titled, The Fierce 50 Movement or via the Facebook Fierce 50 Movement.  Second, contact  We have lots more planned for this year and beyond so, stay tuned everyone.

Have a fabulous, stylish, and fierce week,





  • Thank you Eugenia for the lovely writevup I love it and I have so enjoyed getting to know jyouvand making a new friend ! Many blessings .. this is just the beginning!


    • Val,
      Hi! I am thankful for the opportunity to forge a friendship with you through The Fierce 5o campaign. I look forward to continuing the fellowship on our own or through the Fierce 50 Movement.

  • Glenda Harrison

    I love how she states…school teacher by day – fashion Blogger by night, almost to make her evening gig seem scandalous. #thefierce50

    • Glenda,
      Hi! I’m enjoying the engagement level the Fierce 50 campaign is stirring up with all the over 50 bloggers. It’s so amazing how one can light a torch, and many can continue to carry it to inspire and uplight others.

  • Elaine Davis

    Eugenia! You did such an amazing job with this post for the Fierce 50 campaign. I love the way you used the interview format. Valerie is a very talented women. We are all so blessed to have an opportunity to connect with each other.

    • Elaine,
      Hi! Thanks for stopping by The Age of Grace. I love all the opportunities to engage and connect with other Fierce 50 women especially Val.

  • SabinaSabina Wertes

    Felt welcome right away by your friendly greeting Eugenia so had to stop by to read about your post here. I also love sewing but stopped a while ago. The coat is amazing. And yes, I heard geting some followers takes quite a lot of engagement. Happy to connect with some more and will go and check out some more now. Hope to talk some time again. xo from Germay! Sabina

    • Sabina,
      Greetings! Yes, welcome to the Fierce 50 Movement, happy that you are a member. I believe lots of exciting events and opportunities to partner up again to get to know other 50 or 60 something women will be forthcoming to the group.
      I stopped by your blog, I tried to comment but didn’t see a place to do so.

  • Fabulous article and interview, Grace! Valerie is so pretty and inspiring! I love her style, admire her energy, and am so glad you introduced her! I hope you are well! Love the fierce 50!

    xx, Elle

    • Elle,
      Hi! Thank you for stopping by The Age of Grace. You should join The Fierce 50 Movement; there is a Facebook page. You would be a perfect addition to the next campaign.

  • I am still working through everyone’s posts and yours is just so fabulous! How fun has this been to get to know so many amazing women! Peace! Cheryl

    • Cheryl,
      Hi! Thank you for stopping by The Age of Grace. Your visit here prompts me to get over to your blog.