Metrostyle Purrfect Leopard Sweater

BY: Eugenia PUBLISHED ON: Tuesday, November 22, 2016 IN: Fashion

Metrostyle Purrfect Leopard Sweater
Leopard is one of this season’s must-have trends. I scored a Metrostyle purrfect leopard sweater for my recent vacation to Paris, France.  
Metrostyle Purrfect Leopard Sweater

Full disclosure: I love to stand out in any crowd wearing elegant and chic classic attire especially for my age (61).  Sometimes it feels like our society expects women of a certain age not to be interested in fashion or style and to dress frumpy.

That’s so not the case. 

Metrostyle Purrfect Leopard Sweater

I started this blog for that very reason, to highlight how women over the age of 50, sharing how one can age gracefully, be fashionable and healthy.

Metrostyle Purrfect Leopard Sweater

Are you interested in standing out from the crowd? There’s a great new site that offers unique, affordable fashion-forward clothing — it’s called Metrostyle.


Metrostyle Purrfect Leopard Sweater. Photo Location: Montparnasse, 14th arrondissement district in Paris, France. Wearing: Metrostyle Wool Leopard Sweater

Courtesy of Metro style Purrfect Leopard Sweater. Photo Location: Montparnasse, 14th arrondissement district in Paris, France. Wearing: Metrostyle Wool Leopard Sweater


Metrostyle offers an array of professional and effortlessly cool clothing with affordable choices for everyone, no matter what size; petite, tall or plus.

Fast-forward to planning what pieces I wanted to take on my holiday to Paris.  I selected a wool leopard print  sweater with zippered pockets for the cooler November temperatures to wear during our Ama River Cruise along the Seine. In the outfit photos above, I chose to wear the leopard swing sweater over wide-leg cropped pants and black suede boots as my dinner outfit in Montparnasse.

I work full-time as a pharmaceutical sales representative.  In this industry, there aren’t any relaxed dress codes. It is still very necessary to convey a professional appearance.  I definitely would wear this sophisticated sweater to work but tone down the look, pairing it with a dress, basic skirt, or pants and not the high suede boots.

Remember my question, “Are you interested in standing out in a crowd?”  If yes, bring out your inner diva with distinctive apparel at Metrostyle. 

Let me know what you select on Metrostyle.

Have a fabulous and stylish week!





  • Pam@over50feeling40

    I think this garment was made for you, Eugenia! You look great in it!

    • Pam,
      Hi! Thank you for stopping by The Age of Grace. I agree with you about the Metrostyle leopard sweater, it is purrfect for me.

  • Jodie Filogomo

    It’s perfect Eugenia!!

    • Jodie,
      Hi! Thank you, Jodie! I had fun selecting the Metrostyle sweater and challenging myself to style it to perfection.

  • I love this jacket (a sweater for me, is closed at the front. This is a jacket for me). I would buy it in a heart beat. It is not expensive either. I just cannot stand wool. It irritates the hell out of me. You looked fab. Every inch a Parisian lady. You did very well.

    • Greetje,
      Hi! Thank you for stopping by the Age of Grace, I appreciate the visit and comments. I agree with you the sweater does look like a jacket. And finally, I am fortunate to be able to tolerate natural fibers, especially wool.

  • You look fanstatic and I love the leopard print jacket!

    • Cynthia,
      Hi! Thank you for your comments and the great photo you took of me in this fabulous leopard sweater/jacket while we were in Paris.