Cherries Jubilee

BY: Eugenia PUBLISHED ON: Wednesday, July 6, 2016 IN: Fashion Health

Cherries JubileeDo you love cherries and are smitten with Cherries Jubilee? Did you know that it was a special dessert prepared for Queen Victoria’s Diamond Jubilee celebration in 1897?

Cherries Jubilee

Since then the dish, made with fresh cherries, liqueur and flambéed, then served over vanilla ice cream, has grown into one of America’s favorite desserts.

Wearing: Tibi Seersucker Cotton Peplum White Top, J. Crew Marnie White Pants, Kate SPade New York "Licorice Too" Pop Coral Patent Heels, Clare V Madras Plaid Pouch from Anthropologie and J. Crew Factory necklace.

Wearing: Tibi Seersucker Cotton Peplum White Top, J. Crew Marnie White Cotton Pants, Kate Spade New York “Licorice Too” Pop Coral Patent Leather Heels, Clare V Madras Plaid Pouch from Anthropologie, J. Crew Factory necklace and Dita Black Resin Cat-Eye Sunnies from The Real Real.

I don’t particularly care for this dish, however, I do reach for cherries in the summertime. They’re a nutritious treat.

The Cherry Facts:

Cherries Jubilee

Cherries can also slow the aging process with the fruit’s strong antioxidants that eliminate different stresses to your body (not unlike watermelon’s anti-aging benefits too), including free radicals.

Cherry Nutrition Facts

Cherry Nutrition Facts

This summer chomp on cherries to boost heart health (and treat gout, too!).  As a result, you will sleep better, increase potassium levels, reduce inflammation, and finally slow the aging process. You can even freeze cherries for ongoing benefits beyond the summer months.

My bowl full of cherries for July 4 holiday weekend.

My bowl full of cherries for July 4 holiday weekend.

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  • Glenda Harrison

    Be still my heart. Eugenia, this outfit is divine. I love every piece worn as you have or as separate pieces.

    • Glenda,
      Hi! Thank you! I took a leap wearing this voluminous top but the encouragement from you and from Instagram help me overcome my resistance to perhaps adding similar tops to my wardrobe. As always, thank you for stopping by The Age of Grace.

  • Nina Forrest

    Eugenia, You look gorgeous!

    • Nina,
      Hi! So nice to hear from you! Thank you for your kind words, I appreciate you stopping by.

  • elle

    Love the crisp white on white on you! The pattern on the bag is the perfect pop of color and a lovely way to add another layer of interest. I love cherries, too, just the way they are.
    xx, Elle

    • Elle,
      Hello again! I had fun with this outfit. The oversized peplum was out of my comfort zone but happy with the results. I like the summer fabrics and crispness that white offers. I wasn’t sure how the coral shoes would look but as you mentioned, a pop of color always helps to make a statement.
      Yes, cherries, I can’t stop eating them, so yummy?