Ladies Night

I was hoping to escape the winter gloom when I recently journeyed to New York City to help my daughter celebrate her 28th birthday.  New York isn’t so much fun when you have to trudge through the slush, dirty snow and the prospect of yet another Monday storm. Can I get a show of hands? Have you had enough already?

Wearing old iresident trench jacket, Lafayette 148 NY wool navy a-line dress with Seychelles suede pumps, vintage necklace.
Wearing old iridescent trench jacket, Lafayette 148 NY wool navy a-line dress with Seychelles suede pumps, vintage necklace.

However, I enjoyed the pleasure of my daughter’s birthday celebration with eight other millennials that are truly rising stars.  As a Mom I admire Channing’s “Martha” skills.  You know the Martha Stewart skills that lay dormant until you realize you have a panache to create the perfect ambiance. Her humble abode offered flickering scented candles, flowers and the menu included a nice selection mostly healthy treats:   fresh fruit, olives, homemade pizza and Caprese salad.

Seychelles shoes from Anthropologie
Seychelles shoes from Anthropologie

It was great to talk to the young ladies into the wee hours of the morning. I must not omit to tell you, I learned how to “Wobble.”  You know, the line dance that most everyone does at every wedding reception and retirement party.  I had several attempts on YouTube on how to “Wobble” but it was here in Manhattan with Channing’s friends that I mastered the “Wobble” around her efficiency.


My first born, Channing
Here’s the birthday girl, my first born, Channing

Now back to had enough already.  Everyone’s talking about the cold, including me, especially the 6-feet of snow in three weeks in the New England states.   Record breaking snow fall after snow fall.

After Channing’s soiree, We didn’t let the arctic blast detour opportunities to explore New York in the winter.  First stop Grand Central Station for a trip to the Apple store. A  shortcut through the magnificent New York Free Library.  Then Bryant Park Winter Village to see the temporary ice skating rink that is erected every Christmas.


Frozen fountain at Bryant Park in NYC
Frozen fountain at Bryant Park in NYC


Groundhog Day historical marker
Groundhog Day historical marker

Lest we forget, the annual ritual of more than one century old prediction of the Punxsutawney Phil for more or less wintry weather.  According to the recent Groundhog Day forecast, it looks like more cold and snow to come. Even if you had enough already, enjoy whatever weather remains for the rest of winter 2015.