Can Fitness Be Fun?
You can always tell when it’s the beginning of a new year. The endless television commercials for weight loss, gym memberships and new ways to tackle and keep resolutions.  I gave up doing New Year’s resolutions years ago, I found better success utilizing vision boards. Check out my story, I am answering the question, Can fitness be fun?

Yes, fitness can be fun, if you make it enjoyable.  First, one must make the commitment to stay and be healthy with some type of consistent exercise. Then find what works for you. What I found is, easy ways to keep moving and stay motivated as a priority by doing the basics in exercise. I keep reminding you how I use the Fitbit Flex, a modern day pedometer to track my 10,000 steps per day.  In addition, I like my weighted hula hoop and hand weights.  I have a stationary bike that I used when I trained for the Nike half-marathon. The steps are important since I sit in my company car driving all day.  I turn every step into my daily exercise.

My fitness equipment: water bottle, arm weights, weighted hula hoop, sneakers and Beat By Dre ear buds
My fitness equipment: water bottle, 3-lb dumb bells, weighted arm hula hoops, weighted hula hoop, Mizuno Running Wave Rider 16 sneakers, Beats By Dre ear buds, exercise ball and Gold’s Gym Cycle Trainer Recumbent exercise bike.

June 2014, I started following the National Institute of Health recommendation of ten thousand steps per day to maintain a healthy weight and reduce the risk of heart attack. That’s when I purchased my Fitbit Flex wrist band. It’s all about the app that helps me track my daily steps.   Generally, I average about 4,500 steps by parking far from the front door and taking the steps instead of the elevator, By now, I formulated my plan of attack to get in the ten thousand daily steps.  On a nice day, I take a walk around the block.   When it is polar vortex cold or inclement weather, I just step in place in the comforts of my warm home with my James Brown iTunes playlist until I reach my goal.

My FitBit app showing that I accomplished my daily goal of 10,000 steps, at least 30 minutes of active movement with at least 4 miles.
My FitBit app showing that I accomplished my daily goal of 10,000 steps, almost 30 minutes of active movement with at least 4 miles.

But wait, there’s more.  In addition to using my Fitbit Flex, I maintain the following healthy standards:
1.  Healthy snacks like olives (I also cook with healthy oils like olive or canola oil)
2.  Bake and never fry
3.  Keep hydrated
4.  Snack on nuts like walnuts and almonds
5.  I don’t skip meals

My ultimate motivation is that I remember some the benefits of consistent exercise:
1.  More energy
2.  Disease prevention
3.  Mood boost
4.  Better sleep
5.  Increased pain tolerance
6.  Better brain function

Because of my Fitbit, during The Twelve Days of Christmas, I was able to stay fit while being festive and more importantly not gain any weight. The Fitbit formula works for me, it’s now part of my lifestyle to live healthy. I do find it fun and I have a healthy competition with my friends that have FitBits (that accountability can make a difference).  Incidentally, I did drop the 5  pounds that I picked up late last year with my consistent stepping and watching my calories. I hope you can find fitness fun in 2015 or perhaps you have found it. Do share if you have found fitness fun.

2015, Happy New Year from The Age of Grace
2015, Happy New Year from The Age of Grace