On the Horizon, 2015
As the year 2014 closes out, on the horizon I see new visions and dreams that abound for the year 2015.  This time of the year, I like to reflect upon my goals that I set forth with my vision boards.  Just to remind you, a vision board is a tool  that I use to help clarify, concentrate and maintain focus on a specific life goal.  Literally, a vision board is any sort of board on which you display images that represent whatever you want to be, do or have in your life.
On the Horizon, 2015

To successfully navigate the new year, I like to consider the big picture and put everything into perspective for present and future.  If you follow Age of Grace, you know I utilize vision boards to visually challenge myself to accomplish my personal and professional goals since 2012.

Wearing Vince Camuto faux fur cape, old necklace of ivory and brass, Lafayette 148 silk blouse, J. Crew Factory leather-stripe Gigi pant, Etsy: 2chicdesigns calf-hair leopard print clutch, Enzio Angiolini bootie.
Wearing Vince Camuto faux fur cape, old tribal necklace of ivory and brass, Lafayette 148 silk blouse, J. Crew Factory faux leather-stripe Gigi pant, Etsy: 2chicdesigns calf-hair leopard print clutch, Enzio Angiolini bootie.

On the Horizon, 2015

I recently attended a vision board workshop with the SISTAHS  (Sisters Inspiring Sisters to Attain a Holistic Self) women’s group, to share how and why I started doing vision boards to help me accomplish my yearly objectives. Here’s some of the reasons why I started doing visions boards:

– Goal setting
– Personal accountability
– Stay focused on goals
– Empower myself

On the Horizon, 2015

A few of my personal goals obtained in 2014:
Exercise:  150 minutes of weekly exercise – with my FitBit that I purchased in June, I mostly exceed the 150 minutes per week since I do 10,000 steps a day, with at least 40 active minutes and no less than four miles every day.

Increased Blog visibility:  My 2014 vision board greatly impacted me as a blogger.  Since I have a full-time position, I routinely blog just once a week. I believe because of my weekly commitment and consistency of featuring age-appropriate fashions and sharing information on health that affects women in the over 50 age group, I am beginning to see opportunities for collaborations.

My partnerships in 2014 included the following:

  • Lover.ly, the one stop shop online bridal site, I was asked to participate in their #throwbackthursday. I shared my 30th wedding anniversary story.
  • eShakti, the only online e-commerce women’s apparel company that offers custom fashions;  I love my royal blue shimmer dress custom-made to my preferred sleeve, and dress length as well as neckline.
  • Covered Perfectly, the fairly new online fashions line geared to women over 40. I added a Covered Perfectly chic faux fur leopard print vest to my wardrobe.I participated in
  •  #SmileStyle for Lucky Community.
  • My features in 2014:
  • Check out my feature on  The GIT Girl online magazine September/October 2014 issue.
  • See me on Fabulous After 40 blog.
  • Nearly completed 2015 Vision Board
    Nearly completed 2015 Vision Board

My visions for 2015:
– Take a creative writing class to improve my writing skills
– Take a photography class (I take 90% of my photos that appear on the blog)
– Meet more bloggers in the 40-50 age range
– More collaborations with key brands focused for women of a certain age
– Build a network of ladies to feature on my Women of Grace series

Completed 2015 Vision Board

As you can see my main focus for this year was embracing the importance of consistent exercise and gaining more of a presence in the blogging world. For 2015, my plans include taking a few classes and being more engaged in the blogging world. What’s on the horizon for you in 2015?