Women of Grace: Meet Lesley Wolman

BY: Eugenia PUBLISHED ON: Monday, September 29, 2014 IN: Interviews


Leslye Wolman, Fabulesley.com

Women of Grace

In last week’s post, Another Meetup, I shared one advantage to social media was the opportunity to  create a venue for like minds to meet and forge new friendships. Instagram has afforded me yet another option to meet, get to know, and feature a Women of Grace: Lesley Wolman.

The explore page of Instagram allows one to peruse the endless photo stream in hashtag heaven.
One of the goals of the Age of Grace is to meet and feature other women of a certain age that are living and looking fabulous as they age. Enter in Lesley Wolman.

Upon further inspection from Instagram, I learned of Lesley’s  blog, so appropriately named,  Fabulesley.com. The blog caught my eye with her classic style and fabulous (pun intended) photos.  You may recollect other Women of Grace features where I highlighted blogger Jeannie of Gracefully 50 Lady Liz (who turned her health around by adjusting her diet and exercise regiment), and 2chicdesign bag designer/blogger, Cynthia.

Well, this interview is all about Lesley. It was my pleasure to speak to her by phone, such a delight. We chatted about our many commonalities with adapting to social media while finding our voice on heavily populated Internet as women of a certain age.

Leslye Wolman's beautiful family.

Lesley Wolman’s beautiful family.

 Lesley, you’re a wife, mother, blogger, song writer and cabaret singer.  How do you do it all?

As a perfectionist, I tend to be hard on myself, but I am also someone who loves to laugh and find the humor in every situation, so that seems to balance it out. Balance is key to maintaining a healthy attitude towards life! I am generally of the belief that if you are passionate about something, you will derive the energy to deal with everything. I am passionate about my music, acting, writing, and fashion. My family, however, comes first…always has and always will.

Lesley's before and after makeup

Lesley’s before and after makeup

Leslye's beauty products

Lesley’s  beauty products

Has your beauty regiment changed over the years?

My beauty regimen has really not changed over the years. I have been cleansing, toning and moisturizing since I have been 14 when my mother, who has always taken care of her skin, started me on a skin care regimen. Other than adding some exfoliators and serums, not much has changed. I think the one beauty item that I cannot live without is Latisse Lash Growth. I always had thin short eyelashes, and Latisse has turned them into long and lush lashes.

Lesley showing how to wear shorts!

Lesley showing how to look fabulous in shorts!

Knowing that may women gain weight around their middle section as they age because of hormonal changes, what tips do you have for staying slim?

I was a chubby kid, and that image of myself has been well engrained into my psyche. I truly believe that this is the reason why I have always tried to stay thin. However, when I got into my 40’s, the pounds began to creep up and stick. I reached a point in my life where I couldn’t stand myself at the weight to which I had climbed. I wasn’t overweight, but I wasn’t at my “fighting weight.” Three years ago I started seeing a nutritionist. Up to that point, my diet consisted mainly of carbohydrates, and very little protein. I lost 15 pounds; she had me infuse my diet with protein and eat at least 3 times a day. In addition, I bought a scale and now I weigh myself once a week. I have to be accountable to someone, so I check in with my nutritionist once a week. I also work out a lot. I run, walk, or climb the UCLA stadium stairs 7 days a week. I also work out with a trainer 3 times per week. I guess I am a bit obsessed.

Leslye Wolman

Leslye's hard work pays off!

Lesley’s commitment to her health pays off!  Lesley is wearing Worth New York including the fox fur stole, with Manolo Blahnik heels.

Lesley, you have a fabulous sense of style, I want to hear more about it.

I have always been in love with fashion. I view it as an art form. I am never afraid of expressing myself through the clothes I wear. My outfit inspiration often comes from other beautiful women that I see on the street. My style has definitely changed over the years, as I have become more confident and comfortable as a woman. However I always have, and probably always will follow certain trends. When I look at photos of myself from the 80’s and 90’s, I cringe and think “what was I thinking?” Colorful eyeshadow, big hair, shoulder pads and huge earrings are definitely trends of those decades, but would never be my choice today.

Confidence and being comfortable as a woman truly comes with age. I stay thin to be healthy, but also because I like pretty clothes. I love creating outfits based on mood, color, texture and trend. I am not afraid to push the envelope, but I try to dress my age. I believe women our age are more beautiful than we were in our 20’s or 30’s because we are wiser and stronger. We have calmed down, lost the angst, have a more laissez faire attitude, and know not to take ourselves too seriously.

Leslye Wolman

On the Age of Grace, I love not only featuring women that age gracefully but women that have strong faith. Tell me more about your faith and why it is important to you.

I am a Jewish woman who loves to cook. Many of the Jewish holidays revolve around food. I use food as a way of expressing my Judaism, by keeping a Kosher home (that means not mixing milk with meat), cooking and baking the traditional foods associated with the holidays, such as Rosh Hashana, Chanukah and Passover, among others. My mother is a fabulous cook and baker, and many of her recipes are featured on my blog…especially those associated with the holidays. Aside from being sentimental favorites, they are truly delicious!

I was raised with strong Jewish values that I have tried to pass on to my children. My spirituality permeates my life and influences my actions on a daily basis. Although I am not a particularly religious woman, I do believe that my Judaism has provided me with a moral framework by which I live my life. For instance, one of the hallmarks of Judaism is performing a Mitzvah, a good deed. As a Jew, one should maintain a lifestyle that is rich in good deeds. Thus, philanthropy is very important to me. I am very actively involved in many charitable organizations and sit on many boards within the Los Angeles Jewish Community. I believe in giving back; kindness towards others is something that guides me in my everyday life.

My first question to Lesley,  I asked how she does it all, you must go to her professional website, LesleyWolman.com to hear her beautiful voice and learn more about her singing career.  I echo Lesley’s sentiments regarding women of our age – we are more beautiful, wiser, stronger and have less angst. My fellow blogger has the right ingredients for aging gracefully!

Thank you Lesley for your inspiring interview.



  • April swann

    Loved this interview with Lesley! Very inspiring to see other women in our age group that choose to live Abundantly! Applaud both of you for Aging Gracefully!

    • April, thank you for your words of encouragement to women that are “aging gracefully”